Linda Cox, C.V.T.


Linda is a fabulous employee that tends to be the highlight of everyone’s day. She lets everyone around her feel her love and light. We love Linda very much. She is always the first to greet the clients and the animals just adore her. Linda has a very special way with animals that always puts them at ease.
Linda started here as a volunteer for about 3 years before Dr. Whiteley decided that we needed her full time and initiated her into the family. She has now been spreading her love to all that come in for 8 years.

Linda is the Grandma to three girls, Michelle, Olivia, and Kyra.

Linda has just completed certification for dentistry with the American Veterinary Dental Society. Give her a call today to schedule a free dental exam for your companion animal. #801-566-1234

Linda has been studying to take the National Certification for Veterinary
Technician test and has received her license.

Linda has 4 grandchildren: Michelle, Olivia, Kira and JJ who she loves and adores very much.