John W. Whiteley


Dr. Whiteley, is now retired, but has worked in veterinary medicine here in Utah for his entire career, even serving as State Veterinarian with the Utah Department of Agriculture for 3 years.  Earlier in practice, he did both large animal as well as small animal care. This is difficult at best, and soon evolved into strictly small animal veterinary medicine. To quoteDr Whiteley, “I thoroughly love veterinary medicine, and have never complained of ‘having’ to go to work. I have really enjoyed the continuing challenges offered in dentistry, orthopedics, radiography, ultrasound and surgery.” Dr. Whiteley is also an honorary member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Utah Veterinary Medical Association, the Salt Lake Veterinary Medical Association, the California Veterinary Dental Association, as well as the Utah Veterinary Dental Association. In 2012 Dr. Whiteley was honored as Utah Veterinarian of the year!